Funkwhale Network

Welcome on the Funkwhale Network Observatory, where you can get information about the Funkwhale Network!

This project aims to gather anonymous data and statistics about existing Funkwhale servers, to monitor the state of the network.


We offer a collection of dashboards to dive in the data.

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If you own an instance and want to see it tracked, simply fill in the instance domain name in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove my instance from the statistics?

If you'd rather not have your instance tracked, you can easily opt-out from the statistics. Visit your instance settings, enable "Private mode" in the "Statistics" section and that's it! Existing data will be removed next time we try to collect data from your instance.

How does it work?

Our crawler gather data from Funkwhale instances NodeInfo endpoints, such as

What kind of data is collected?

We collect instance-level data as it's displayed in the NodeInfo endpoint, this includes:

Why do you collect this data?

Collecting data about Funkwhale instances can help everyone understand how the network is growing, and how active are users.

Storing software versions is helpful to assess potential security issues and contact instance owners.

Finally, this data will be reused to help people finding an instance and join the network.